Scrap My Van Manchester

LADIES and gentleman, can we show a big hand for our appreciation of the van!

One of man’s greatest motoring inVANtions, sorry inventions!

Great British businesses thrive and rely on vans as do millions of households.

But when a van finally reaches the end of the road, we will welcome it with open arms!!

That’s because Scrap A Van can offer your van a happy afterlife. 

A vanderful new beginning. Because your old treasured van, that has probably been hard to part with, will know an exciting new life.

Parts of it will become useful in other vans, so in a way the van you scrap with Scrap A Van will take on a new lease of life helping another vehicle stay on the road.

So what type of van so Scrap A Van take? The answer is simple; any van.


If you’re thinking “where can I scrap my work van?”, “who takes Ford Transit vans?”, or “where can I scrap a van Bolton way?” Scrap a Van is for you.

You might live in Manchester and wonder “where can I scrap my van Manchester?” not a problem, as we are just down the road. We actually buy vans from all over, so no matter where you’re based we can offer a free van collection of scrap vans.

And we can also offer you an ambitious sum for your scrap van. We are very competitive when it comes to price because we are van breakers meaning we salvage the useful bits!

So, if you have a van to scrap Bury, van to scrap Wigan, van to scrap Preston, or van to scrap anywhere get in touch with Scrap A Van.

We’ll take great care of your old prized van, removing parts of it that can be recycled in other vans and then using the rest for scrap metal. 

We depollute the vehicle prior to breaking to ensure any hazardous liquid are removed.


Being an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) ensures that the whole process of breaking a van is done in accordance to the regulation required.

You may get people offering to buy your old scrap van, they might even make you a tempting offer. But if it’s for scrap, then you should make sure you’re scrapping it with an ATF like us.

So why not make that call today and find out how much your van is worth. 

Talk to the team on (01204) 323106 or why not use the only value calculator and get an instant quote. 

We are open seven days of the week from 8.30am to 5.30pm – or you can get an instant quote for your scrap van 24/7 via our website. And if you do like our quote, we can usually collect a scrap van within 24 hours ensuring your payment is instant in your account on collection.

Contact us today!

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