Monthly Archives: February 2021

We Buy Any Van

WHAT do you call a good looking van? VANdsome! What do you call an ugly past its sell by date van? You call Scrap A Van on 01204 323106! When the time arrives to bid that old van of yours goodbye you’ll get a good buy from us too – in the form of a […]

Scrap My Van Bolton Today

GOOD van owners of Bolton, when the day finally arrives and you’re suddenly struck with the notion, “I need to scrap my van Bolton today,” then looky here! We are the scrap company for you if you need to scrap a van Bolton way or beyond. Scrap A Van couldn’t have a better name really […]

Scrap My Van

LET’S talk about vans baby, let’s talk about vans and fees, let’s talk about all the good vans and the bad vans that may be, let’s talk about vans! Van drivers; hands up if you like a sing song as you’re driving along – we know we do! There’s something van dabby dozy about pumping […]

Who Pays Most Money For Vans?

THE rise in van demand is staggering. In 2019 there was around 3.9 million commercial vans on the road and a 19 per cent increase in new registrations according to official figures. The huge rise demonstrating how much the nation relies on delivery drivers.  This past 12 months we can expect to see an even […]

Where Can I Scrap My Van?

PICTURE the scene; you wake up and you’ve decided that today is the day – “where can I scrap my van?” You’ve had enough of the old girl, perhaps she no longer drives. Maybe she’s rotting with rust and it’s the end of the road for you both.. You’re chucking good money after bad or […]