Van Scrapping Yard Offers Great Deals for Your Wheels

Covid-19 has led to unprecedented times for various industries. The whole automobile industry was shut for a few months, and van sales have also dropped in the past few months. The shipping of van parts has been affected because of the pandemic situation as most of the factories were closed. But the used van parts sales have gone up in recent months. Now, if you are looking to buy a new car or van, and have a damaged van in your parking, you can sell your scrap van for cash. We immediately do bank transfer once the deal is finalized with the customer so that they get instant cash in their bank account. is one of the largest buyers of scrap vans in the North West, buying different models of vans every week. We have a vast scrap van collection and wespecialize in breaking vans for parts.

Be it Berlingos, Ford Transits, or any other van; we will always try and pay the best scrap van price.

Our vehicle valuation team is one of the most popular because:

  • We do an accurate evaluation of your van and offer the best price
  • We let you choose a suitable time and location for the collection of your van.
  • Our team tries to bring your scrap van to our yard as soon as possible.
  • We will send our professional driver to your site.

We are also known for paying a competitive price for all end of life and damaged vans. We know how to use old vehicles for scrapping purposes without harming the environment by following the latest environmental procedures. 

We have a vast stock of quality used van spares and scrap van collection in our scrap van yard.

Scrapping will not only benefit you economically, but will also be beneficial for the environment as it is an eco-friendly procedure. If you have an unwanted van in your backyard, then it’s time to get rid of it. Scrapping is an effective and most convenient way to sell your scrap van.

It is essential to maintain the norms and follow social distancing during these times. Don’t worry about visiting the yard to sell your old van. Our agents and staff are present in various cities across UK. We can come to your doorstep, inspect the value of your van and pick up immediately after verifying documents.

Give us a call or book your appointment online. Our experienced agents will immediately schedule a van inspection and visit your place. Contact us today and know the best value of your van. 

How to Sell Your Unused Van in this Pandemic

Van sales have decreased this year due to global pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic can further decline the total number of van sales this year. Various showrooms are starting to open but with lot of conditions. The new social distancing rules need to be maintained everywhere. In such a scenario, you can get lot of offers on buying a new van now. But you need to scrap your unused van first, Right?If your van has reached the end of its life or is damaged in an accident, then you must get it scrapped at an authorized treatment facility or at a vans scrap yard. Infact, the prices of metals have started dropping due to coronavirus. Therefore, it is important to sell your scrap van now to get the best price.

Think of another way, where could you dispose your scrap van or unusedvan. Also, you will like to get best value for your unused van and that too by maintaining social distancing in the current Covid 19 pandemic. Authorized treatment facilities (ATF)or vans scrap yard are licensed by the government and they ensure they are meeting safety, quality and sustainability. By scrapping your van to an authorized treatment facility, you are ensuring your safety during the current global pandemic. The process at an ATF is smooth &hassle-free. is an authorized treatment facility and we adhere to safety guidelines for our clients and employees. We are the largest buyer of scrap vans in North West and we offer best price for scrap vans. We buy all kinds of vans including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter and many other kinds of vans. We buy vans for scrap across the United Kingdom and can arrange a pick up from any place.

You can contact us on phone, WhatsApp or online. We will immediately schedule an inspection after we receive the details.

If you are running low on cash during this rough time, scrapping your unused van is the best solution. We can immediately transfer money into your bank account.  It’s time to get rid of that unwanted van that has been using extra space in your garage. Contact us today and get best value for your unused van. 

Interested in selling your van for scrap at best price, call us at 01204 323106