How to ‘Sell my van for scrap’ with Scrap A Van

Searching online with the term ‘sell my van for scrap’ will return a long list of vehicle scrapping firms and here we explain why Scrap A Van is worth considering.

Firstly, as you will see from the search results, most of the firms focus on cars whereas Scrap A Van is a van scrap yard that are specialists in scrapping vans.

That means they are interested in vans of all shapes and sizes, mileage and age.

The team buy lots of different models every week and are specialists in breaking vans for spare parts.

This also means that they can offer a premium for those vans that are in demand, such as Ford Transits and Mercedes Sprinters, so make them your first port of call.

scrap your van for cash
Need tips when you scrap your van for cash? Call Scrap A Van on 01204 323106.

Scrap your van for cash

In addition, when you scrap your van for cash, the Scrap A Van team also offer a free pick-up service so they can collect your unwanted vehicle at a time and place to suit you.

If you have a van cluttering up your driveway or your van is too expensive to repair, then now’s the time to act and get paid for someone to take it off your hands.

Also, if you are replacing your fleet of ageing vans then to get the best prices and have someone collect them, the Scrap A Van team should be contacted for the best scrap my van online quote.

Indeed, the team use a network of reputable and friendly agents around the country who are able to pick up your scrap vans and pay money directly into your bank account when they do so.

It’s important to appreciate that it’s no longer legal to sell your van for cash so you should give a wide berth to any scrap yard offering to pay hard cash for your unwanted van.

Searching for a van breakers yard near me

Also, when searching for a van breakers yard near me, you should really only use those that are an authorised treatment facility because they will be monitored by the Environment Agency.

These facilities will depollute your van so the environment is not harmed and as much of the van will be recycled as possible.

As mentioned, there is a strong demand for van spare parts from customers but this demand also comes from clients overseas so the Scrap A Van team have a lot of demand to meet.

However, times are changing and some cities, including London, have or are thinking about introducing ultra-low emission zones (Ulez), so you may be a business looking to replace your old van with a new one.

If you are wanting to ‘sell my van for scrap’, for whatever reason, and to get the best price and enjoy a free pick-up service, then you need to contact the friendly Scrap A Van team today on 01204 323106.