Scrap A Van: Will a scrap car network take my van?

Scrap a Van get the best price when scrapping a van.

If you want to scrap your van and you are searching online using the term ‘Will a scrap car network take my van?‘, then the answer is ‘Yes’, if you contact Scrap A Van.

That’s because we have lots of experience in scrapping unwanted vans and trucks and we have a network of agents willing to pick up scrap vans and cars and we also pay the best prices.

The money will be paid instantly into your bank account when our agent takes your scrap van off your hands. This scrap collection is free and carried out nationwide, so we can respond to anybody looking to scrap a vehicle wherever they are.

It’s also important that you get the best price for your unwanted vehicle which is why the Scrap A Van team offer the best prices for scrap vans.

Process to scrap your unwanted van

The process to scrap your unwanted van is straightforward and the scrap van price is calculated in the same way that firms calculate the prices for scrap cars or scrap bikes. The most important issues are:

  • The kerb weight of your scrap van
  • The mechanical condition of your unwanted van
  • Your van’s make and model
  • The location of your unwanted van.

Put simply, the heavier your scrap van is, then the more you will earn since the price is usually calculated on its weight.

Also, the location is important because the further we or an agent has to travel to pick up your scrap vehicle means this takes more time and more fuel, which will affect the price being quoted.

Drop off your scrap van at an authorised treatment facility

You can always drop off your scrap van at an authorised treatment facility which may even earn a slightly higher price.

For anyone looking to scrap their van, it’s important that you use a scrapyard that is an authorised treatment facility, which means it is monitored by the Environment Agency to comply with the various laws and regulations.

Failure to do so may lead to you incurring a fine and a criminal record should your van be used after you hand it over for illegal means.

Once your van enters the Scrap A Van system, we will endeavour to remove the parts that can be recycled, so others can repair their vans of a similar make and model.

Also, some parts such as the engine may be sent overseas where buyers are keen to take recycled van parts from the UK.

After that, the authorised treatment facility will then diligently remove the harmful fluids and oils from your van to ensure they do not harm our environment. What remains is then recycled for further use.

Will a scrap car network take your van

Essentially, if you want to know will a scrap car network take your van, then the answer is ‘Yes!’ but for the best prices and prompt collection, you should speak with a friendly Scrap A Van team first.

Scrap A Van needs to scrap Ford Transit vans NOW!

If you have an old Ford Transit lying around that you want to scrap, then you need to know that Scrap A Van needs to scrap Ford Transit vans now.

We pay cash for unwanted Ford vans and they don’t have to do be runners – we are interested in MOT failures, accident damage vans and unwanted vehicles.

Depending on the van’s condition and age, we are prepared to pay the best prices and there are good reasons for doing so.

We deal with hundreds of vans every week and in addition to recycling as much of the metal and plastic as possible, we also use the spare parts.

Scrap your van for cash

If you want to scrap your van for cash, then you need to deal with the experts offering the best prices – which is the team at Scrap A Van.

One reason for this is that we will strip the engine and spare parts from it to resell to customers around the UK and overseas.

This demand from abroad sees our team filling containers every week for sending overseas to customers which means we can pay a premium for those vans that are in demand.

Not every scrap yard will be able to match our price so you can save yourself the time and hassle when scrapping an old Ford van to contact us and get the best price when doing so.

In addition to the Ford Transit, we are interested in any Ford van, or indeed any make and model of van that you are interested in scrapping.

Scrap van will be dealt with in a legal way

Your scrap van will also be dealt with in a legal way using a process that sees us recycling the battery which we then send to a specialist recycling facility and removing the harmful oils that may damage our environment.

That’s in addition to removing spare parts and the engine for re-use and we will recycle other parts, including the tyres, too.

It can be a complicated and time-consuming process to scrap a van properly, which is why only those scrap yards that are licensed by the Environment Agency are able to do so. You should only use a scrap yard that is an officially authorised treatment facility.

This will bring peace of mind that your van has been disposed of properly and will not cause problems to the environment in any shape or form.

For more information about why Scrap A Van needs to scrap Ford transit vans and to know how much your scrap vehicle is worth to us, then contact the friendly team on (01204) 323106 or fill in the online form.